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AMD Teases with Llano APU Performance

Category: CPU's, Mobile
Posted: 10:35PM

Godfrey Cheng, in his blog post, revealed some interesting information about the next series of APUs to be released by AMD this year. It is already known that the processors codenamed "Llano" will be manufactued in 32nm and will include a supposedly beefy graphics processor, 480 stream processors on die, like their smaller brothers that have already made their way to market: the E and C-series of Fusion APUs. Their x86 cores are going to be vastly improved Athlon II architecture, mainly better at power consumption.

It is said that AMD has given much more importance to parallel processing, such as media encoding and playback capabilties, than to improving x86 performance with these, since it really is what people do now with computers. Nonetheless, the upcoming mobile parts have four x86 cores, but no frequency has been divulged. At least 2.4GHz maximum frequency would be a safe bet, though.

At the end of the video, a marketing name is put on that die: the "A8-3510MX". Maybe the X stands for a Black Edition, like with current mobile Phenom IIs? Nothing is sure until release. The integrated graphics are named the HD6620M. If that number is anything significant, the IGP should perform a bit below the dedicated HD6630M, which possesses the same number of stream processors as the rumors say about Llano. The HD6620M has to share the main memory interface with the x86 cores though, which is a considerable hindering.

Speaking of performance, a nice multitasking comparison is shown against the 2GHz Sandy Bridge Core i7-2630QM. If the numbers hold true, Llano consumes less power than the competition, while being noticeably better at media playback and graphics workload, especially in multi-tasking scenarios. Here is that video in question:

It looks to be a very promising product. According the the rumors, the A-series APUs will be out in Q2 of this year.

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Locutus on March 1, 2011 11:54PM
UT66 on March 2, 2011 12:18AM
ocre on March 2, 2011 12:20AM
but the sandy bridge system is already here. The Llano isnt yet. What worries me is why we dont see bulldozer stuff like this. AMD is always ready to brag showing their unreleased HWup against stuff thats already out or thats been out. Where is the bulldozer youtubes vids? Why is amd so silent?
joel.monteiro on March 2, 2011 12:26AM
There are only some info in their blogs for bulldozer,they arent coming out now ,may be April-may but these are coming this month or may be next month.
TOMisCHEEZE on March 2, 2011 03:36AM
Croiky! That's bloody briliant! I'll upgrade to that when I need it in 5 years. Am I roight!? @ocre - Im with you, brah. Faaaake.
DanTheGamer11 on March 2, 2011 06:40AM
@ocre because llano will be produced more as amd plans llano to be 70% of their shipments in 2012 vs the 12 of bulldozer, llano will be shipped in most prebuilt so the market will be much larger than the ones who need extreme performance and putting them yourself.
DnaAngel on March 2, 2011 07:08AM
Im all for AMD but come on seriously, a 2.0Ghz Cpu? redo this demo with a i7 2600 then we'll talk.
The Smith on March 2, 2011 08:51AM
You didn't understand. Both platforms were MOBILE platforms.
medbor on March 2, 2011 06:03PM
The demo was obviosly made to take advantage of SBs low end GPU and other bottlenecks, still i bet this apu thing of amd will be awesome, just not this great. just a note, that mobile SB is not that far behind the 2600K at stock, since it has turbo and what not...
MrAlex on March 3, 2011 04:12AM
At the conference it was stated that it was 1.8GHz: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2380495,00.asp#
The Smith on March 3, 2011 07:18AM
Aah, great to know. This certainly won't be the highest clock available. If it is, i'm disappointed.
MrAlex on March 3, 2011 11:49AM
Why? Architecture performance matters...not clock speed.
Guest comment
peter on March 3, 2011 08:55PM
Could gamers please focus on the fact that they are a tiny minority. It is not about you if the topic is IGPs. Go away. Your betters read books for amusement, and use computers for more pragmatic tasks.

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