Another Awesome Contest but Ya Gotta Be Fast

Nemo - February 22, 2011 04:54PM in OCC News

OCC currently has a power supply giveaway contest underway through February 25th courtesy of our friends at XFX. However, Bosco is never satisfied it seems as he's decided to personally sponsor another contest on Sunday, February 27th beginning around 6 PM Pacific time.

Bosco's playing this close to his vest, but we do know there will two 40GB solid state drives up for grabs. Now, we all know how much faster SSDs can be versus conventional drives, so you're going to have to be fast to have any chance at all in this one, so why don't we call it the Ya Gotta Be Fast Contest? Sounds as good as anything else, so head over to the forum thread here and we'll see you sometime after 6 PM Pacific next Sunday evening. Good Luck!