New Sandy Bridge Chipset is Ready

CheeseMan42 - February 8, 2011 03:00PM in Motherboards

Intel has recently come under fire due to a flaw in its 6 Series chipset, used for the motherboards supporting the new Sandy Bridge processors. While several manufacturers are accepting returns, exchanges and refunds, Intel has been hard at work to fix the hardware issue at the heart of all this. The SATA ports found on the motherboards would have degraded over time according to Intel. Intel has fixed the problem, and has begun manufacturing the new chips. The chips should begin shipping in mid February, a few weeks earlier than initial estimates.

Joining the ranks of manufacturers that have set up plans to handle the issue, ASUS has set up a site for owners of the products in question. ASUS will be offering replacements on all the motherboards, and encourage customers to return the product to the place of purchase if they don't want an exchange.