Multiple Manufacturers Issue Response to Sandy Bridge Situation

CheeseMan42 - February 3, 2011 06:02PM in CPU's

The current situation regarding the new Sandy Bridge processors from Intel has been getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Several manufacturers of motherboards have released official statements on how they are proceeding with the matter. The affected motherboards feature the Intel 6 Series Express chipsets, with the B2 stepping.

ECS is halting all sales of the affected boards, and is expecting to have the new B3 stepping boards in April. The following ECS models are affected, P67H2-A(1.1), P67H2-A2(1.0), P67H2-A3(1.0), H67H2-M(1.1), and H67H2-M3(1.0). Additionally, there are a number of options for getting new boards. Customers can get a full refund or exchange for a different board. E-mail is the preferred method for contacting ECS on the issue.

Gigabyte is also ceasing the sale of all B2 motherboards. All authorized retailers will accept returns of boards. Gigabyte will also begin selling the new boards starting in April.

MSI has stopped selling the affected boards, and set up a site to facilitate returns and exchanges of boards. Affected units include HM67 gaming notebooks, P67 motherboards, and H67 motherboards. MSI will also provide free 3 day UPS shipping labels for returns and when sending new boards out.