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CyberPower Announces Sandy Bridge Solution for Affected Customers

Category: General News
Posted: 02:01PM

By now, I'm sure everyone is aware of Intel's recall and refund program for the flaw on Sandy Bridge motherboards. There is a degradation problem with the SATA 3Gbps ports on the P67 and H67 motherboards, which means Intel is having to recall all the affected boards and get a replacement out. People have received notices from Newegg and I am sure various other stores, but what about the crowd who bought a rig fully assembled? Well, if you bought it from CyberPower, you are in luck as it has announced its Sandy Bridge Solution program for any of its customers who bought or recently ordered a Sandy Bridge computer.

For customers that have received a computer already, CyberPower is extending the warranty an additional three years (provided the invoice date is between January 9th, 2011 and February 14th, 2011) and will also cover any hardware replacements and shipping charges when the revised motherboards appear in March. If you don't want to partake in that, you can go for the Sandy Bridge Upgrade Solution which will swap your Sandy Bridge system for an Intel Core i7 950 system with 6 or 12GB of RAM and a motherboard from the same manufacturer of your Sandy Bridge one.

For customers who are still awaiting arrival of their new CyberPower system, you can have it shipped as configured and get an extra three year warranty plus the coverage on any new parts and shipping costs. You can also opt for the Upgrade program and leave Sandy Bridge behind for the X58 platform.

The Upgrade Solution will let anyone with a Core i7 2600K, 2600, i5 2500K, 2500, 2400, or 2300 to upgrade to a Core i7 950 processor. If you have 4GB of RAM, you'll be getting 6GB while 8GB on the P67/H67 motherboard will get you 12GB for the X58 motherboard. CyberPower will match up motherboards between brands, so if you have an ASUS P67 board then you will get an ASUS X58 board. Core i5 customers will have to pay the difference between their CPU and the i7 950, while the i7 2600K/2600 customers will get it free of charge. All claims for the upgrade program must be made by February 15th, 2011, so if that appeals to you then contact CyberPower immediately.

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