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Intel Discovers Sandy Bridge Chipset Flaw, Issues Recall

Category: Motherboards
Posted: 04:31PM

This is certainly something you don't want to hear if you've purchased a new Intel Sandy Bridge processor and motherboard. It seems that Intel has discovered a design flaw in the 6 Series motherboard that degrades its lifespan. The problem lies in the SATA controller where the ports can degrade over time and worsen performance of connected hard drives or optical drives. Intel has stopped shipment of the affected boards and has corrected the flaw in its factories, so new shipments will be arriving with the proper fix. Intel is keen to point out that the processor is not affected nor are any other components, it is just the SATA controller on certain motherboards. It seems that only the P67 chipset is affected and even then, only some of the boards have the issue. H67 chipset motherboards appear to be unaffected, but Intel does not have a comprehensive list ready yet of which boards have the issue so don't do anything drastic quite yet.

Intel is working with OEMs and other partners to get the affected motherboards recalled and replaced. It is expecting replacements to be delivered starting at the end of February with full replacement done by April. As such, due to the recall and manufacture of new boards, Intel is expecting a $300 million loss of revenue. Hopefully no one here gets a notice in the mail about your new P67 motherboard, but if you do or just want some questions answered, Intel's support page on its website will be the place to look.

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