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OCZ No Longer Making Memory, Focus on SSDs

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 12:45PM

Around August of last year, OCZ announced its intentions to leave the budget RAM market and focus more on the high-end memory line since it was the most profitable. Well, now it seems OCZ is pulling out of the RAM market altogether and won't make any products after February 28th. One of the leading memory manufacturers is going to call it quits amid falling RAM prices. The timing seems right for OCZ to make the move, but this does mean that consumers are going to be without OCZ's Blade, XTE, and other high performing series. What will OCZ do in the meantime? Well, it has a rather large SSD business which is what the company will now focus on.

We (OCZ) have focused on building the OEM and enterprise segments of our business, and last month we announced a mass production order from a Tier-1 OEM for our enterprise-class SSDs, reflecting the reliability, speed and total cost of ownership solid state drives provide over traditional mechanical hard drives. We believe the market opportunity for SSDs is significant, and to that end, we will continue to invest in research and development to extend our leadership position, and we also plan to increase our sales and marketing efforts in order to facilitate continued revenue growth and increased market share as SSDs gain adoption in all segments.

As you can see, the solid state storage area will be the new focus of OCZ. The SSDs it makes are some of the best around and OCZ makes more than enough of them to fit any market or demand out there. If the switch to SSDs means more variety and potentially lower prices, then I am all in favor of this move. However, with the popularity of OCZ memory, time will tell if the decision to leave that market is the right one.

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t0asty on January 12, 2011 01:07PM
Hope my ram doesn't fail? I wonder what they would do it I needed to RMA...
SpeedCrazy on January 13, 2011 10:51AM
You might get upgraded to an ssd. lol

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