AMD CEO Dirk Meyer Resigns, CFO Takes Over on Interim Basis

bp9801 - January 10, 2011 04:05PM in Manufacturers

Well, this is certainly surprising. CEO of AMD, Dirk Meyer, has just resigned from his position in what is being called a "mutual agreement" between the Board of Directors and himself. Taking over on an interim basis will be the CFO, Thomas Seifert, who has asked to not be considered as a candidate for the position when the search commences. Board Chairman Bruce Clafin is leading the search for the next CEO, so one can only wonder who will be considered for that spot. The reason for the departure is a mystery for now as no details have been released, but hopefully it does not include anything relating to AMD's chip business. AMD's Fusion platform is looking to be quite popular and the Bulldozer chips are on the way, so hopefully the resignation of Meyer will not impact either of those. We'll keep you updated once any more information behind the resignation surfaces.