iPhone Coming to Verizon

CheeseMan42 - January 7, 2011 07:33PM in Mobile

This is an announcement that many of you have probably been waiting for. According to the Wall Street Journal, your wait should end on Tuesday. The event will come in New York City and will end the exclusivity arrangement with AT&T. This will leave Sprint and T-Mobile as the carriers in the United States without the iPhone. The phone will likely be similar to the iPhone 4, but will operate on CDMA technology instead of GSM. The demand for the phone should be huge, as many customers have been waiting years for the iPhone to come to Verizon. Many consumers may even make the jump from AT&T. One analyst believes it could add 10 million subscribers for Verizon, putting it over the 100 million mark. It could also disrupt the recent Android domination on Verizon. It is still unknown when the phone will make its debut on the network, but we should know more on Tuesday.