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Zalman Launches Several New Products at CES

Category: Cases, Power Supplies, Monitors, CPU Cooling
Posted: 12:09PM

Zalman has been an industry leader in cooling products since the company first made it on the scene. The CPU coolers were the only cooler to consider for ages, and even with a plethora of competitors, a Zalman cooler is still one of the best around. Now, Zalman seeks to improve on its CPU cooling by introducing a new element, or rather a design, by creating a new V-shaped heatsink. The V-shape improves cooling performance by increasing the "Thermal Control Area" of the heatsink, creating a much bigger surface area to generate more airflow. Denser heatsink fins have been incorporated as well which will prevent loss of surface area and provide for maximum heat dissipation. This new technology, plus Zalman's Composite Heatpipe Technology (which uses axial grooves on the inside of the pipe), has allowed for a QMAX of 350 watts on the new CNPS11X Extreme Series CPU cooler.

The CNPS11X Extreme CPU cooler features the new V-shaped heatsink design and the 350 watts QMAX. The entire cooler is coated in black-pearl nickel plating which gives it a striking appearance, plus the 120mm fan should be more than adequate to cool even the biggest overclock. The fan will generate between 17 and 34 dBa, though it will sit between 17 and 24 in its low setting. Zalman promises a large range of socket compatibility, but doesn't mention which sockets are supported. It would seem safe to say with that high QMAX that every socket currently available is supported, and possibly the new Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer ones as well.

The next cooler using the V-shaped heatsink design is the CNPS7X. It comes in two variations, the Performa and the LED, with the main difference being the fan. The Performa gets a 92mm PWM fan that generates between 17 and 32 dBa, while the LED gets a 92mm PWM fan that goes between 17 and 27 dBa. It seems the CNPS7X LED cooler will be the one you want for a low-noise environment, but both promise a strong cooling performance and large socket compatibility.

The last new cooler is the CNPS5X SZ, which forgoes the new V-shaped design for the more traditional tower appearance. There is a 92mm PWM fan cooling everything down on this cooler, which generates between 20 and 32 dBa. It promises a hassle free installation (and even appears to use push pins), plus a large range of compatibility.

Next up we have a pair of cases from Zalman, the Z9 and the GS1200. The Z9 is a mid tower and comes in two versions, the Z9 and Z9 Plus, with both featuring a mesh front panel and up to seven 120mm fans. There is also tool-free HDD installation with six internal 3.5" bays available. Cooling it will be one front 120mm fan, one rear 120mm fan, two top-mounted 120mm, two side-mounted 120mm, and even one bottom-mounted 120mm, though it seems only the front and rear fans are included stock. Motherboard support includes ATX, micro ATX, and even E-ATX, plus a graphics card can be installed so long as it is less than 290mm in length. The Z9 Plus includes a fan controller and temperature display on the front, while the Z9 does not. Both feature four USB 2.0 ports and audio in/out on the front.

The other new case is the GS1200 which improves upon the success of the GS1000. The GS1200 has a mesh front bezel which now includes two 92mm LED fans. Up top is one 200mm LED fan, the side has another 200mm LED fan, while the rear has a regular 120mm fan. It seems cooling performance will not be a problem in the GS1200. Like the Z9, there is support for ATX, micro ATX, and E-ATX motherboards though the GS1200 can also fit video cards up to 350mm in length. There are six internal 3.5" bays which include support for SSDs. The hot-swap feature of the GS1000 returns in the GS1200, but this time the 92mm fans in the front provide cooling for all the hard drives you can possibly fit behind them. There is even an HDD dock on the top of the case. The GS1200 has audio in/out, three USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, and one e-SATA port on the front.

Now we come to the power supplies, which Zalman is getting in to. The two models being shown are the 850-HP Plus and 1000-HP Plus, which are both modular units and have 850 and 1000 watts of power, respectively. There is a 140mm fan cooling each unit plus there is support for up to three graphics cards. Each unit is also 80 PLUS Silver certified and uses Japanese capacitors, though not much else is known besides that.

Lastly, we have a 3D monitor from Zalman. There will be a 21.5" and a 24" model, and both are a polarization 3D monitor which means the glasses needed are of the passive variety and not active shutter like virtually all other 3D monitors require. The passive glasses are surprisingly cheap compared to active shutter ones. Passive glasses will be found in the five to fifteen dollar range compared to 150 dollars or more for active shutter. The 3D monitors from Zalman, called Trimon, is a 1080p display with HDCP support. Zalman promises no ghosting in the image and also the ability to switch between 2D and 3D mode easily. Included with each monitor is one pair of passive glasses and one pair of passive clip-on glasses, which is quite nice to see for those who already wear a pair of prescription glasses.

All of these products will be shown during CES 2011 but no word was made on any availability or pricing for any of them.

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