Verizon Policy Changes Coming?

bp9801 - January 4, 2011 05:36PM in Mobile

Keep this filed under rumor, but a leaked slide obtained by Android Central details some new policy changes coming to Verizon Wireless. In the slide, there are two programs that are being canceled, supposedly on January 16th. The first cancellation is the Annual Upgrade which lets a customer on a two year contract upgrade their phone early. The slide states that upgrades will no longer be able to happen in months 13 to 20 of a two year contract, which means you will only be able to upgrade right before your contract expires. The other cancellation is the New Every Two program, which will no longer have new enrollments after January 16th. Verizon already lessened the upgrades of the New Every Two program last year, essentially cutting the discounts in half, and now it seems like the program itself will no longer exist. Customers on one year contracts won't be affected, its just the people on two years which is a good majority. Now, this is a leaked slide so it may be a forgery, and I hope it is seeing as how I am eligible for a new upgrade in March. It looks like we will have about two weeks to see whether this rumor is accurate. What are your thoughts on it if it actually comes to fruition?