Razer Releases Goliathus Extended Series Mouse Mats

premiumgfx - December 21, 2010 08:54PM in Mouse Pad

Razer today released two mouse mats as part of its the Goliathus Extended series. The new series consists of two models, the Goliathus Extended Control and Goliathus Extended Speed. Both mouse mats are effectively the same as their predecessors, retaining a cloth weave and rubber base with one main difference; size. Both mats are extra-large, measuring in at a behemoth 920x294x4.3mm. While I'm not sure if I would be able to make use of such a gigantic mouse pad, I'm sure that other gamers would love to try out Razer's over-sized offerings.

As both mats are limited edition products, only 10,000 units of each model will be available. Both variants in the Goliathus Extended series are available now from Razer's online store for US$34.99 each.