LG Debuts Incredibly Thin Computer Monitor Line

bp9801 - December 13, 2010 02:12PM in Monitors

LG has just launched the E90 computer monitor line, one that is incredibly thin as it is a mere 7.2mm thick. It achieves this thinness by having all the vital parts stuffed into a rather chunky, and glossy, base. The power supply and all the connections are on the base which LG calls EZ-cabling and is where you will find a variety of analog and digital connections, including HDMI. The monitor itself is LED-backlit and features a 1920x1080 panel with a 2ms response time. It also features LG's Image Booster software which is designed to enhance low quality content, like from streaming websites, to give a better looking picture on the E90 monitors. The E90 series will also help to reduce your energy bill as it consumes 40% less power than typical CCFL monitors.

The E90 series is expected to be available later this month for $435 or €329. It will be shown off at CES next month as well.