PlayStation 3 Firmware V3.55 Launches, Brings One Fix

bp9801 - December 7, 2010 09:01PM in Gaming

There is a new PlayStation 3 firmware update today, v3.55, which is another mandatory patch. The only thing Sony says about it is that it is "a security patch." One can surmise it is pushed out as mandatory is due to all the hacks out for the PS3 and it is one way Sony can circumvent it. I have yet to turn on my PS3 today since it is finals time, but I am sure I will be greeted with the download when I do. Most people lament the mandatory patches since each one fixes a security flaw used by hackers to jailbreak the console, but Sony is always quick on the ball to correct the flaw. Then it usually doesn't take long before the hackers have jailbroken the console again and the cycle will just keep on repeating itself. At any rate, there is a new firmware update for the console which hopefully only patches a security flaw and doesn't hinder it in any way.