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Verizon Announces 4G LTE Network, Pricing

Category: Mobile
Posted: 02:21PM

It certainly didn't take Verizon long to get its 4G LTE network rolled out. All indications pointed to a launch by the end of the year, and if you've watched any TV lately, you've no doubt seen the commercials touting it launching this December. Well, it is officially December and Verzion has just announced its 4G LTE network will be rolling out on December 5th. Verizon is touting speeds up to ten times faster than its current 3G network which means a 5 to 12Mbps download and 2 to 5Mbps upload, though as of now you need to shell out for a 4G LTE USB modem to access it. That is, provided you live in one of the areas with the new network launching on the 5th, which is most major cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City) and over 60 major airports. There will be more cities added in the future, so if you aren't in the area now you should be before long since the 4G LTE network will reach the size of the current 3G one by 2013. Don't worry, the 4G LTE modems are backwards compatible with the 3G network, so if you pick one up now to get in on it early, you'll still be able to access the Internet just fine. As for pricing, Verizon will have a $50 a month plan for 5GB or $80 a month for 10GB. There is a $10 fee for each gigabyte you go over, which isn't too bad. Verizon is planning on talking about 4G LTE phones at CES, so it appears we'll have to wait until early January to learn which ones will take advantage of it.

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