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Hulu Plus Available for All

Category: General News
Posted: 04:53PM

Hulu Plus is the premium service from the company that offers television shows on a multitude of platforms. The service was released in late June to a limited number of people as a preview. As of today, anyone in the United States that wants the service can get it. The service costs $9.99 per month, and offers more television show choices and 720p streaming options. Users can access the service from their computer, PS3, and Apple iOS devices, among others. More platforms are planned for the future.

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Locutus on November 4, 2010 07:29PM
By "For All" I thought you meant "For Free." I doubt this "service" will replace Netflix.
Guest comment
VOIXDELION on November 4, 2010 10:26PM
Indeed. They have missed the point, methinks. I had little reason to visit Hulu even before the new service was "added" (I put that in quotes because they have essentially not added any value to the site, but they have added a subscription fee.) I am tired of following a link to the site to find out that I have to pay to see something that was broadcast to the nation for free? Pass. It more appears that content is not even available there except for limited periods, so I can't come up with a justified reason to pay for this "service". At least Netflix gives me no commercials and 2 dvd rentals at a time for a couple bux more with much more available content (or at least stuff I want to see.) As a free member I have more often been to the Hulu site from a link to a video that is "expired" and no longer viewable than I have found one actually present there, and now the ones that are there are fee based so I have stopped playing the 1:7 odds (at best) that I will actually end up watching something. Since Netflix started carrying the Legend of the Seeker I had no reason to go back to Hulu at all. Sure anyone with the money to spend (read = "waste") on it can get it; the thing is I doubt that many people will actually want it.

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