Dust From Asteroid Hints at Alien Life

CowKing - October 11, 2010 01:45PM in Science & Technology

Japan's space program, JAXA, launched the Hayabusa mission in 2003 to land a probe on a passing asteroid to collect samples of a passing asteroid's exterior. After spending seven years waiting to get a landing on the asteroid and having to overcome many technical difficulties, the probe spent only 30 minutes collecting what it could, and quickly sped its way back to Earth for analysis of the samples by JAXA. The particles in question have foreign characteristics that don't match the regular dust and aluminum powders found in the rest of the sample. The researchers believe that the foreign particles did not originate from Earth, which is kind of silly when you think about it. Why would an asteroid have materials from Earth, or better yet how? At any rate, this was the first mission to successfully take samples from an asteroid and bring them back to Earth. This is only the first round of research on the samples, so keep a look out as further analysis is taken.