Microsoft Set to Release Record Number of Patches

Nemo - October 7, 2010 03:44PM in Software

The second Tuesday of each month is known as Patch Tuesday as that is when Microsoft issues its regularly scheduled set of security patches for its Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and other products. This coming Tuesday will see a record 16 bulletins covering 49 security vulnerabilities. The previous record holder was 34 vulnerabilities which Microsoft had released three times previously.

Microsoft is rating four of the 16 bulletins as “critical”, its highest severity rating, which means the flaw could be exploited to infect a system without user intervention. Ten of the remaining items were tagged as “important”, the second highest rating.

The fixes address flaws found in Windows operating system (all versions including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008), Internet Explorer, .NET framework, Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The patches should be released around 1 PM ET on Oct. 12 and you should start seeing them show up shortly after that assuming you have automatic updates enabled.