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SandForce Releases Information on New SF-2000 Series SSD Controllers

Category: Storage / Hard Drives
Posted: 01:52PM

SandForce has just released some new information on its new SF-2000 series of solid state drive controllers. The new SF-2000 controllers use the SATA 6Gbps connection and can generate read and write speeds up to 500MB/second. That is the maximum limit of the SATA 6Gbps bus and SandForce will hit it which is just crazy fast for an SSD. As well as the fast read/write speeds, the SF-2000 series will be capable of 60,000 IOPS for 4k random read and write transfers. The new controller measures 14x14mm as opposed to 13x13mm of the SF-1000 series but SandForce declined to comment on the transistor count. The three model numbers will be the SF-2300, SF-2500, and SF-2600. The SF-2300 will be for industrial and military applications that are in high heat areas, the SF-2500 will be for SATA drives, while the SF-2600 will be for SAS drives. SandForce increased the encryption by adding an AES-256 engine in XTR mode to go with the AES-128 engine in CTR mode. The company also improved the SAS support since the controller can now handle non-512 byte sectors with ease. The SF-2000 series can also handle 166 Mega Transfers which is four times the amount the SF-1000 series can handle. The nice thing is that even with all this new horsepower, the SF-2000 series will use about the same amount of power as the SF-1000 series.

The SandForce SF-2000 series of controllers will enter mass production between the first and second quarter of next year. The pricing will be about even with the SF-1000 series. We can see products from the usual players (Corsair, G.Skill, OCZ, and the like) as early as next spring. So, who wants one of these new controllers in their new SSD now?

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Fight Game on October 7, 2010 03:53PM
"who wants one " easy, everybody. But gimme mine first!

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