ECS Announces A890GXM-A2 Black Series Motherboard

ajmatson - October 7, 2010 03:24PM in Motherboards

For those AMD users out there, ECS has introduced a new addition to its AM3 lineup of motherboards that is aimed towards your inner enthusiast. As we saw with the ECS P55H-AK that was introduced in August, Elite Computer Group has been improving its "Black Series" boards with "Solid Features" and this one is no exception. The A890GXM-A2 motherboard is based off of the strong and popular AMD 890GX Northbridge and SB850 Southbridge and supports the latest AMD Six Core processors. ECS has also included the latest high speed goodies including SATA 6.0Gbps and USB 3.0, and even tossed in a third PCI Express X16 slot for those of you who want to run more than two graphics cards in CrossFireX. I for one am curious how the re-design of their Black Series boards hold up under pressure, and I am definitely looking forward to the reviews. How about you? Would you give this board a run? Let us know in the forums.