Yamaha Debuts Retro-Styled Line of Stereo Receivers

bp9801 - October 6, 2010 09:26PM in Speakers/Headphones

Yamaha has just launched its newest line of home stereo receivers that feature a distinctively retro look. The new Yamaha R-S line draws its inspiration from audio equipment from the 1970s and '80s with minimal aluminum front panels and large, over-sized knobs. The new receivers are the R-S300, R-S500, and R-S700 and though they have a retro look, that certainly does not apply on the internals. All feature the ability to use Yamaha's YBA-10 Bluetooth audio streaming, iPod dock options, a dedicated subwoofer output, and Yamaha ToP-ART circuitry. The ToP-ART circuitry is part of Yamaha's goal to maximize the digital quality while cutting down on analog circuitry inside the receivers. The R-S500 and R-S700 also feature Yamaha's Zone 2 technology which lets you listen to music and even control the receiver from another room. The R-S300 can deliver 50 watts per channel, the R-S500 can deliver 75 watts, and the R-S700 can pump out 100 watts per channel. If you happen to keep your tuner and amp separate, well, Yamaha has that covered as well with the A-S500 amp and T-S500 tuner. Both feature similar stylings to the R-S line but the A-S500 amp can deliver 85 watts per channel.

All of the new receivers will be available by the end of the month with pricing starting at $330 for the R-S300 and working its way up to $550 for the R-S700.