Groundbreaking One Atom Thick Material

CowKing - October 6, 2010 09:33PM in Science & Technology

Andre Geim, 51, and Konstantin Novoselov, 36, have discovered a way to make a miracle material that will revolutionize many existing technologies and even create new ones. The duo claim that this new material, called graphene, has the ability to conduct electricity just as well as copper and conduct heat better than any other known material. The electrical conductivity will play a major role in new transistor-based processors allowing for higher efficiency and a speed increase whereas silicon will just hit a wall. Graphene is, as one would guess, almost completely transparent, but is dense enough that helium will not pass through it. Due to the transparency and special electrical properties, graphene is ideal for touch screens and quite possibly solar cells. This will also help another material, plastic, become stronger, more heat resistant, and improve the electrical conduction. Oddly enough, the material was extracted from a piece of ordinary graphite, the material used in pencils, and some normal adhesive tape was used for picking up the tiny flakes of graphene.