E-paper Could Change E-Reader Market

CheeseMan42 - October 6, 2010 05:17PM in General News

The e-reader market is currently dominated by the e-ink technology for its displays. The e-ink display is very low power and batteries can last for weeks. However, a new paper published by Gamma Dynamics in Applied Physics Letters unveils a new technology, dubbed e-paper. The e-paper retains the same low power characteristics, with a much higher refresh rate and brighter images. The main complaint about e-ink has been the slow refresh rate. E-paper is powered by a layer of flat electrodes between a pigment layer and an oil layer. When voltage is applied, the pigment will rise to the top, and vice versa. E-paper currently only supports gray scale, but experiments with color are underway. This could certainly be a big item in the e-reader market if devices like the Kindle chose to switch technologies.