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Video Game Prices Have Gone Down With Time

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:29PM

You may wonder how video game prices could be lower than they previously were. Anyone that is old enough to remember the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo knows how much those cartridges cost. When adjusted for inflation, many of those games would cost you about $75 today. Gaming today is cheaper than it has ever been before. Even some Nintendo 64 games retailed for up to $80. There are still expensive games today, with collectors editions carrying a higher price than the normal edition, with some added goodies of course. However, factoring in paid DLC could raise the price of some games. One contributing factor in price difference is the media used to hold games. Some cartridge games required more read only memory than others. ROM was very expensive back in those days. All you youngsters should appreciate how good you have it these days.

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