Toshiba Creates 3D TV That Doesn't Require Glasses

CheeseMan42 - October 5, 2010 05:56PM in General News

Toshiba started the CEATEC trade show in Asia off with a bang. The Regza TV was unveiled on Sunday night, the day before the show opened. The TV is powered by the Cell Broadband Engine, and creates an image from 9 different directions to appear 3D. The TV is based on LED technology and will be available in 12 and 20 inch models. A 56 inch prototype was also shown, but won't be commercially available anytime soon. The 3D technology worked quite well, with a few restrictions. Sitting closer to the center of the TV produces the best 3D, and you must also be close to the TV. Laptops seem like a great use of the technology as users typically follow those constraints. The 12 and 20 inch models will be available in Japan at the end of the year for $1,500 and $2,900, respectively. The TV won't be coming to any other markets, but at least you don't have to wear those silly glasses.