Think Nintendo's 3DS Price is High? Blame the Media!

ClayMeow - October 5, 2010 10:07AM in Gaming

When the price of Nintendo's 3DS was unveiled last week, many people felt it was way too high. Retailing for around $300 in Japan, the 3DS has Nintendo's most expensive launch price tag in the company's history, even when accounting for inflation. Nintendo's previously highest-priced console was the Wii at $250, followed by the Gamecube at $200, and the Virtual Boy at $180. The original DS was less than $150 at launch. Now some may argue that with its advanced technology and improved features, the price tag is justified. The problem is, that's not why it's priced so high. According to Nintendo's CEO, Satoru Iwata, the positive reaction from reporters and readers at this year's E3 was a major factor in setting such a high price. Many reports indicate that the 3D technology isn't that great, so the question is, was part of the positive reaction because everyone expected its price to be around $200? Nintendo is certainly taking a gamble. Do you think it's going to work out for them, or come back to bite them in the butt?