FLO TV is No More

bp9801 - October 4, 2010 08:42PM in Gadgets

FLO TV was supposed to be a revolutionary step forward in how to watch television. You could watch a variety of shows on a little, handheld screen wherever you were. It sounded great on paper but in practice it was anything but that. There was yet another subscription fee to pay to watch the shows on the device and it seems that consumers simply did not want that. Well, consumers got their wish as Qualcomm, makers of FLO TV, have pulled the plug on the device effective immediately. Qualcomm has informed its retail partners to stop selling FLO TV products so you will no longer be able to buy one, if you were interested. Both AT&T and Verizon have the MediaFLO service which enables its handsets to view the programming and it appears that Qualcomm is in talks with both companies about the future of that service. For those already using a FLO TV, no word was announced on what to expect in terms of programming down the road. I can't say I am really surprised by Qualcomm's decision to axe FLO TV since I saw it as a major niche device, but for anyone using it how do you feel about it?