Windows Phone 7 Launching November 8th in the US, Exclusive to AT&T For Now

bp9801 - October 1, 2010 12:51PM in Mobile

The news is finally official. Microsoft's latest foray into the mobile phone world has gotten a launch date in the US. Windows Phone 7 will launch in the US on November 8th and it will exclusively premier on AT&T. AT&T won't only be the premier launch partner but it will be the only launch partner when WP7 hits, according to the Wall Street Journal. AT&T will have three phones running Windows Phone 7 at launch. One will be from Samsung, another from LG, and the last from HTC. AT&T being a launch partner for Microsoft is no surprise since it was announced earlier that no CDMA phones would be available, which Verizon and Sprint use, so it left pretty much AT&T and T-Mobile. With T-Mobile being left out at launch time, it seems rather odd for Microsoft to launch its new phone OS on only one carrier. You would think that a new platform would try to be on as many carriers as possible to help with sales but well, Microsoft must have thought otherwise. So, anyone out there on AT&T going to get a phone running Windows Phone 7? Anyone going to switch to AT&T or simply wait for a phone to hit your carrier?