NVIDIA Reveals the Successor to Fermi

bp9801 - September 21, 2010 05:50PM in Video Cards

At its annual GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA unveiled a roadmap for its future video cards. This roadmap shows the successor to the current crop of Fermi cards, codenamed Kepler, and even has the successor to that listed as well which is under codename Maxwell. Kepler, the successor to Fermi, will start to go into production by year's end with shipments expected to arrive in 2011. The Kepler cards will be built on the 28nm process and will deliver an estimated three to four times the performance per watt compared to Fermi. Hopefully this means that not only will the Kepler cards outperform the Fermi ones but it will also feature lower operating temps which would be quite welcome. Then in 2013 the successor to those cards will be out under the Maxwell codename. Maxwell is expected to offer a sixteen-fold increase in parallel graphics-based computing as well as the ability to autonomously process content independent of the CPU. Now, these launches are planned to be two years apart but when pressed for comment about NVIDIA launching its new products every two years, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang wouldn't comment. He only stated that there will be a "mid-life kicker" in between each GPU architecture to presumably compete with AMD and help in sales.