AMD Drivers Now Appearing in Steam

bp9801 - September 15, 2010 10:51PM in Software

AMD and Valve have just announced a new partnership that is sure to appease many gamers out there. If you use Valve's Steam client and own an AMD/ATI graphics card, you can now get drivers directly through Steam. If you're a member of Steam, and many of you are, then you can set it so Steam will notify you of a new graphics card driver which will eliminate the need for us to get a download page through an Internet browser. The first Catalyst driver to appear on Steam will be the new 10.9 release with all subsequent drivers to appear as they are available. This is good news for owners of AMD/ATI video cards of which nearly a third of the 25 million Steam users are. So, since the latest Catalyst driver launched today, will you grab it through Steam?