Zalman Releases ZM-SF3 Shark Fins Case Fans

bp9801 - September 14, 2010 07:12PM in Cooling

Zalman has just released its newest case fan, the ZM-SF3  Shark Fins. The fan is of the 120mm variety and is designed for quiet computing solutions. It has silicone pins and pads to better isolate the sound eminating from it while the fan generates between 18 and 23 dBa. The ZM-SF3 spins between 900 and 1500 RPM but no mention was made of the CFM generated.The unique aspect of the fan is the design of the blades. Each blade has one large "shark fin" on the end with four smaller ones along the edge of the blade. This should, in theory, help to generate higher CFM while maintaining quiet operation. The "shark fins" combine with Ever Lasting Quiet (ELQ) bearings to make sure everything stays quiet and gives a MTBF of 150,000 hours.

The Zalman ZM-SF3 fan should be available now for $16.99.