Intel Sandy Bridge Processors to Launch in Early 2011

bp9801 - September 13, 2010 04:42PM in CPU's

We've known the Intel Sandy Bridge chips will be launching around the start of the new year and now we have some official confirmation out of the Intel Developer Forum today. Intel announced that the Sandy Bridge processors will start to ship in high volume in laptops and desktop PCs in the first part of 2011. These new processors are now being called the "2nd Generation Intel Core processors" and will all be made on the 32nm process. The Turbo Boost mode that appeared on the current Core processors has gotten a bit of tweaking for the Sandy Bridge parts. Apparently, it will work with the integrated graphics that are on the chip. So when Turbo Boost mode is enabled, not only will the processor cores increase in speed but the graphic cores will as well. Intel even says that it can exceed the recommended TDP that way when overclocking multiple cores at once, plus it can be altered to switch between overclocking the processor and the graphics.

The upcoming Sandy Bridge chips will be appearing on two entirely different sockets. Socket 1155 will see the dual and quad-core processors while socket 2011 will get the hexa and octo-core processors, and maybe some quads. So yes, like it has been said you will need a new motherboard and no, none of the processors are compatible with the current range of motherboards. The first processors launching will be on the socket 1155 platform which will be the mainstream parts and should have something for everyone.