Chattanooga, Tennessee to Have 1Gbps Internet at $350 a Month

bp9801 - September 13, 2010 02:52PM in Internet

Now, I know what you're thinking. 1Gbps Internet service is just mind-boggingly fast. You could download a game off Steam while streaming an HD movie and probably several other things at once. The only catch is the cost and where the service is at. Chattanooga, Tennessee will be the first area in the United States to offer a 1Gbps fiber optic Internet service for the low cost of $350 a month. This service will cover the city of Chattanooga along with the rural counties surrounding it which makes up a roughly 600 square-mile area. The city's Electric Power Board, the company behind the fiber-optic connection, touts the service as "a test bed for next generation technology" and helps to bring the service in line with that of other countries, like Hong Kong and Portugal who already offer 1Gbps connections. Hong Kong offers that speed for about $26 a month but at least the US is catching up in speed. Now, the FCC wants to bring 100Mbps connections to 100 million homes in the next ten years so the Chattanooga EPB is already light years ahead of that idea. Just you need to live in or near the city to benefit from it starting today. But hey, at least those speeds are possible and will help to give Google some competition.