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Google Announces Google Instant Search

Category: Internet
Posted: 02:39PM

At an event held today at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Google announced the new Google Instant search which will pull up results as you type. Now, you no longer have to type the entire word or phrase and hit Enter, you can simply start typing and results will pull up instantly. Google Instant should be available now for desktop/laptop users while mobile users will get it this fall. The service is rolling out in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Russia first with more countries to follow later on. The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8 with native browser integration to follow which possibly means that results will start appearing as you type in the address bar. Google claims that the new Google Instant is a much faster way to search the web and will theoretically save over 350 million hours a year of searching. If you happen to not like this new feature, you can turn it off by going to your Preferences page or simply uncheck the box on the search results page.

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danieljury3 on September 8, 2010 04:48PM
Did they think people found pressing enter to be too strenuous and time consuming?
malmsteenisgod on September 8, 2010 06:06PM
I really like the idea. It's not about pressing enter. Sometimes I'm trying to find the right word to put in to bring up a certain search result, so now instead of having to retype over and over I can just revise my search and instantly see the results. I love this.
ClayMeow on September 8, 2010 06:29PM
I hope it's an option in Search Settings like Query Suggestions so that it can be turned off.
ClayMeow on September 8, 2010 06:32PM
Official Info Page indicates that it can indeed be turned off: http://www.google.com/instant/#utm_campaign=launch&utm_medium=van&utm_source=instant :)
Waco on September 9, 2010 01:40PM
I thought I wouldn't like it but after using it for a day I don't think I'll be turning it off. It's just too damn convenient.
t0asty on September 8, 2010 07:35PM
this reminds me of Daniel Tosh's stand up when his girlfriend presses "A" google automatically gives "Asian A** Porn" haha... Pretty cool though if you ask me.

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