Intel to Finally Support USB 3.0?

bp9801 - September 7, 2010 05:29PM in General News

Intel hasn't exactly been the best of friends with the new USB 3.0 standard as only a small amount of its motherboards have the technology. That all may change soon however, as its next motherboard design, codenamed Cougar Point, could have USB 3.0 support built right in. This is simply a rumor for now but it would be nice for Intel to actually support the new standard on all its motherboard designs. A good portion of the AMD 800 series motherboards feature USB 3.0 but Intel is pretty late to the game with some new revisions of the P55/H55 and X58 motherboards supporting it. Manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to work in USB 3.0 on Intel motherboards because the chip giant hasn't really officially embraced it. This could change in the near future on upcoming motherboards but it is pure speculation at this point. Hopefully there will be some more information forthcoming.