AMD Plans to Change the Stickers on Desktops and Laptops

bp9801 - September 7, 2010 04:53PM in General News

If you buy a laptop or even a pre-built desktop, odds are you will find some company stickers on the palm rest of the laptop or the bottom part of the case. In most cases, those stickers do not come off very easily and can leave some residue or even portions behind. Some people just leave them on to avoid the hassle of trying to remove them. AMD has heard the complaints and also does not like the stickers applied to its products. AMD told The New York Times that it is planning to change the way the stickers are applied to its products or even remove them altogether. AMD hopes to gives consumers an easier time to remove the stickers or simply drop them completely from appearing on its laptops and desktops. AMD will switch over to using different stickers that should be easier to peel off sometime in 2011. For now, AMD is leaving it up to the OEMs on whether or not to include the stickers.