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NVIDIA GTX 460 Price Drops

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 01:03PM

Remember that rumor about NVIDIA cutting prices on the GTX 400 lineup of video cards? Well, it seems it has mostly come true as the GTX 460 has experienced a price drop, albeit a small one. The GTX 460 768MB launched at $200 but now it can be had for as low as $180. The 1GB version launched at $230 and it is now down to $220, so its not that huge of a drop but it can matter. The 768MB version is now close to the range of the ATI HD 5770 so if you are deciding between the two, I'd say to spend a little bit extra and get the GTX 460 768MB. Of course, if you spend $40 more you can pick up the 1GB version and get exceptional performance across the board, but still, the 768MB version is no slouch. You can even pick up an overclocked version of the GTX 460 768MB for $190, so an extra ten dollars gets you a factory overclocked card. NVIDIA has more than enough GTX 460s to go around and hopefully with lower prices, the demand will start to catch up to the supply. For now though, if you are in the market for a new video card I'd say to take a look at the GTX 460 models and see what best suits you. Of course, if you can hold out a bit longer the AMD HD 6000 series will be out before we know it so the prices could drop even farther on the already released products.

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