Labor Day Giveaway!

Nemo - September 5, 2010 11:10AM in OCC News

If you're interested in a chance to participate in the Final Fantasy 14 beta, now is your chance! Over the next two days a name will randomly be drawn from names on the IRC Channel. All you need to do is be a member of OCC from August 1st, be in IRC, and check your forum PMs to win! What will happen is a name will be randomly drawn from the channel, matched up with a member name on the forums and a PM will be sent to the winner. The winner will have 1 hour to respond to that PM in order to claim his/her prize. If the winner does not respond with in the hour, another name will be chosen at random. Don't miss out on your opportunity to enjoy the company of your fellow forum members along with a chance to win a key to participate in the FF14 beta. Check out the IRC forum thread for more information on connecting to IRC.

Happy Labor Day and look forward to seeing you in IRC!