Sapphire Announces DisplayPort to Single Link DVI Adapter

bp9801 - August 31, 2010 05:36PM in Gadgets

Here is something sure to appease users of ATI Eyefinity who may not want to get a monitor with a DisplayPort. Typically if you want to hook up three monitors to your ATI HD 5000 series video card, you would need one that has a DisplayPort or get an active DisplayPort adapter to use on a DVI connection. If you go for the active adapter, it isn't exactly the cheapest solution on the market. However, there will soon be another alternative courtesy of Sapphire which is going to introduce a DisplayPort to single link DVI adapter. Since the typical active adapters are for dual link DVI the price is quite high but Sapphire's solution is only single link which should drop the price to make it more affordable for everyone. Now, since it is single link you are limited to 1920x1200 on the connected monitor but that should be more than enough for almost everyone.

Sapphire did not release any information on when the single link adapter will be available or for how much but expect that information before long.