Overclockers Club Announces Mushkin 3DMark06 Contest

Nemo - August 22, 2010 09:20PM in OCC News

In case you missed out on our recent contest featuring a MSI Big Bang XPower motherboard as the main prize, Overclockers Club has announced yet another contest courtesy of our friends at Mushkin. Now, the goal is pretty easy - score as high as you can using the Futuremark 3DMark06 benchmark. You can only post once in the scoring thread, but you can edit that post as many times as necessary before the end of the contest.

Here is what you have to do in order for your score to count:

Run 3DMark06 at default settings:
1. You must submit your score to 3DMark for it to be valid and post your validation link.
2. You must show a CPU-Z and GPU-Z screen shot along with your 3DMark score.
3. You must show the date and your forum user name in your screenshot as well.
4. List your system specs in your post below or above your screen shot or include it in your screenshot.

Here is how the prize break down is going to work:

Grand Prize - 2 X Mushkin 40GB SSD's. (These are under NDA but all I can tell you is they are very fast.)
2nd Prize - A set of Mushkin 6GB Ridgebacks or a 4GB set of Ridgebacks for AMD or P55 depending on the winning platform.
3rd Prize - Mushkin 800 Watt PSU - (Under NDA)
4th Prize - Mushkin 32GB USB flash drive
5th Prize - Mushkin 8GB USB flash drive

Winning scores will be broken down into ranks as follows, with the winners in each rank eligible for the corresponding prize:
Rank 1-3 - Grand Prize
Rank 4-6 - Second Prize
Rank 7-10 - Third Prize
Rank 11-15 - Fourth Prize
Rank 16-20 - Fifth Prize

That means the top 20 scores posted will be eligible for a prize. The contest is currently under way and ends on September 12th at 9pm Pacific time. Any questions or comments can be posted in the contest thread here. For scores only, post in the scoring thread. Good luck everyone!