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Android Game App Contains Trojan Experts Say

Category: Mobile, Bugs / Virus
Posted: 05:05PM

Security experts from Symantec and F-Secure have issued warnings concerning the Android gaming application called Tap Snake. According to researchers, the application is more than meets the eye. Besides being a free snake game reminiscent of 1970s era video game, the application can also act as a client for the GPS Spy commercial spying program. The tip off is that the app attempts to access GPS services on the phone and will run unnoticed in the background even if the user tries to disable the game.

In order for the spying capabilities to work, a individual would have to register an email address and key and then gain physical access to the device running Tap Snake in order to set up the game's spying features. Once this happens, Tap Snake will phone home and report its location every 15 minutes to a server running on the free Google AppEngine service.

Tap Snake earns a Trojan rating from these security companies due to the fact it is not up front about its spying capabilities. Fortunately, the risk to users is fairly low as some one need physical access to the target device in order to enable spying. Another good reason to set a password lock on your mobile device.

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CowKing on August 17, 2010 05:54PM
This is a really ineffective Trojan
Nemo on August 17, 2010 08:08PM
Fortunately, it is. However, it got its 'Trojan' rating because of the hidden capabilities it has, which is kind of sleazy. If it had been up front about, no one would have particularly cared.

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