ASUS to Develop AMD Fusion Mini-ITX Board

bp9801 - August 13, 2010 12:57PM in Small Form Factor

The folks over at bit-tech got word of a new product being developed by ASUS, a mini-ITX board based on AMD Fusion. AMD Fusion, if you remember, will have a DirectX 11 GPU on the same die as the CPU with the first Fusion product to be named Ontario. The Ontario chip will have an incredibly low TDP, 18 watts or even less, but it will still deliver on the performance front with the numbers expected to be close to an AMD Athlon II X2 250U. This is an attractive option for those wanting a small form factor PC to use as an HTPC as it would mean a system more powerful than Intel Atom will using just as little or even less power. ASUS didn't get into any performance numbers for this particular mini-ITX board but still, the possibilities are nearly endless as to what AMD Fusion can bring to the SFF and HTPC market.