250GB Xbox Kinect Bundle Sighted

premiumgfx - August 9, 2010 03:33AM in Gaming

The release of Microsoft's Kinect platform is looming with an early November launch. Currently gamers can choose to buy the Kinect unit by itself or purchase the already unveiled 4GB Xbox 360 Slim Bundle. With the recent sighting of a 250GB Xbox variant it looks as though there will be more than one choice come the day of release. The new model was sighted on the Australian packaging of the matte 4GB bundle, featuring a 250GB hard drive, a glossy finish, a headset and "games and demos" included in the hard drive. It looks as though Microsoft might forgo the humble disk and pre-install software directly on the hard drive. The 250GB bundle is not officially announced or priced but I'd expect it to cost around US$100 more than the current Xbox 360 Slim console.