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Logitech Launches Three New Gaming Peripherals

Category: Gadgets
Posted: 01:16PM

Logitech is getting set to launch three new gaming peripherals today that should help you improve your fragging skills. The three new products are the G510 keyboard, the G700 mouse, and the G930 headset. The keyboard looks to be just an improved version of past keyboards while the mouse and headset both feature wireless technology for Logitech to better compete against Razer and Microsoft.

The G510 keyboard features a Game Panel LCD which will display in-game stats, VoIP data, media player information, and system performance much like the LCD on the G15 keyboard. The G510 also features customizable backlighting to allow you to pick any color you wish, including white, though no mention was made on exactly how many colors it features. The keyboard also features eighteen programmable G-keys with three profiles to allow up to 54 different key presses or macros to be recorded and stored. Also on the keyboard are headphone and microphone jacks which when either is plugged in the computer will recognize it as a USB device to provide crystal clear audio.

The G700 mouse seems similar to the G500 just with wireless functionality. The G700 one ups the G500 by featuring thirteen programmable buttons which can be configured with user-defined macros to truly customize the mouse for your exact needs. The mouse features an ergonomic shape but it appears to be designed only for right handed people so lefties must look elsewhere. Like the Razer Mamba, the Logitech G700 features a dual-mode wireless where you can plug the mouse in to a USB cable to charge and play or disconnect it for a true wireless experience. No mention was made of its DPI but I expect it to be just like the G500 at 5700 DPI.

Finally we come to the G930 headset which is another wireless model. The G930 is very similar to the G35 headset, even down to the appearance, but the G930 packs in two 2.4GHz antennas onboard for quick performance. The range on the G930 is up to 40 feet so you should be free to move around your room or house while still hearing your buddies talk. It features 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby Pro Logic II technology so the sound should be accurate and realistic. There are three programmable G-keys on the side of the headset which gives you one touch control over your music, voice, and yes, even morphing your voice. The microphone is of the noise-canceling variety and will automatically mute when moved up and out of the way.

The Logitech G510, G700, and G930 should be available soon from Logitech's website and major retailers. The G510 keyboard will cost $119.99, the G700 mouse at $99.99, and the G930 headset at $159.99.

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