Gainward Set to Release GTX 460 with 2GB of VRAM

bp9801 - August 2, 2010 02:46PM in Video Cards

NVIDIA just released its GTX 460 with much success. The card is available in either a 768MB or 1GB GDDR5 configuration and performs great with either. Gainward though feels that the GTX 460 could benefit from even more memory as it is getting set to launch a 460 with 2GB of VRAM. This GTX 460 will be launched under Gainward's Golden Sample branding and will have two DVI outputs, one mini-HDMI, and one D-Sub to help you connect to any monitor you wish. Even with the extra VRAM, this card will only have a 700MHz core clock which is just 25MHz more than a stock card. The memory will see no increase in speed but perhaps the extra one gigabyte will make a bigger difference. I will wait for a review to see if the extra VRAM actually does give a benefit though.

No word on pricing or availabilty has been announced but expect it to cost just a bit more than a 1GB GTX 460.