Latest Playstation 3 Firmware Bricks Consoles Under Certain Conditions?

bp9801 - August 2, 2010 12:31PM in Gaming

Well, it seems that the problems keep coming for some people and their Playstation 3s. It seems that the newest firmware update, 3.41, can brick your console but only if a certain condition is met. If you happened to upgrade your PS3's hard drive with one of a larger capacity and then download the 3.41 firmware, you evidently run the risk of locking your console out and in effect bricking it. The PS3 would start up once the firmware was installed but then a message saying "no applicable data" could be found to run the console. It seems to be the issue with the console saving the previous updates on the hard drive so it knows how to run on the new one and without the data on the bigger drive, the console cannot run.

Sony claims it isn't the firmware doing it but recommends that if users want to upgrade the hard drive to then install the new firmware on the stock drive and then save the firmware upgrade onto a FAT32-formated flash drive. Once the flash drive has the upgrade, install the bigger hard drive and then install the new firmware off the flash drive. It sounds a touch bit complicated but if it saves your console, then why not take the extra time to do it?

On another note, I just upgraded my PS3's hard drive last Tuesday. I backed up all the data on the stock drive before I installed the new one. Then I restored all the data onto the new drive before upgrading to the 3.41 firmware. I've been using my PS3 nearly every day since and I haven't had an issue with the new firmware and the upgraded hard drive at all. Maybe the backup and restore process was the key but for whatever reason, I haven't had an issue on the new firmware at all. Have any of you guys experienced problems if you've upgraded the hard drive?