AMD Overtakes NVIDIA in Graphics Card Shipments

bp9801 - July 29, 2010 12:15PM in General News

It has been a long time coming but it seems AMD has finally managed to take the upper hand in the graphics card battle by shipping more graphics cards than NVIDIA. NVIDIA has seemingly held the market ever since its GeForce 8000 series launched way back in 2006. AMD kept turning out products and getting the die size down and then when its HD 4000 series came out, NVIDIA saw some serious competition against its GeForce 200 series. NVIDIA still held the lead by aggressively pricing its products to compete against AMD even though the offering by NVIDIA had massive dies in comparison. With the current generation of HD 5000 and GeForce 400, AMD had nearly a half year lead to get its products out which only helped the company gain market share. For the second quarter of this year, AMD had a 51% market share while NVIDIA had a 49% share.

On the integrated graphics front, Intel still retains the market with 54.3% while AMD is at 24.5% and NVIDIA at 19.8%. NVIDIA does not seem to be doing so hot as even Apple has dropped its graphics cards from its iMac and Mac Pro line. Hopefully NVIDIA can see a turnaround with its GTX 460 being priced around the $200 mark and the upcoming launch of the GTS 450 to cut into the mid-range market held firmly by AMD. In any case, it seems NVIDIA has to weather this news and hopefully see a turnaround before long.