Mozilla Releases Major Security Update for Firefox 3.6

d3bruts1d - July 26, 2010 03:51AM in Internet, Software

Mozilla released two updates for the Firefox web browser last week. On Tuesday, Firefox 3.6.7 was released and is the largest security update for the web browser in several months, fixing a total of 14 vulnerabilities of which eight are listed as critical. According to ComputerWorld, five of the security holes were discovered by HP Tipping Point's Zero Day Initiative, while two others were discovered by researchers at Google.

After the release of Firefox 3.6.7 a number of bug and crash reports started appearing in the Mozilla support forums. Most of the reports indicated that Firefox 3.6.7 became unstable and crashed when Adobe's Flash Plugin was being used. To resolve the issue, Mozilla rushed out Firefox 3.6.8 on Friday. According to Mozilla, the 3.6.8 patch addresses a "dangling pointer crash regression from plugin parameter array".

Due to the number of high vulnerabilities addressed in this round of updates, Mozilla is recommending that all users update to the latest version.