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New OCC Poll: Where Should We Focus on Space Exploration?

Category: OCC News
Posted: 06:30PM

We have put people on the moon, landed robots on Mars, sent satellites past Pluto, and even taken pictures of distant galaxies. Even with these great feats there is so much about our own galaxy and even solar system that we don't know. Should the various space agencies be spending more and doing more to explore the final frontier? Where do you think humankind should focus our explorations? That is this weeks poll.

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Guest comment
SpacerOne on July 20, 2010 10:39AM
By all means support the heavy lifter rocket, it will create jobs and will cost about 10 Billion before it is ready. In no way let Nasa use the technology of the Flying Saucer , which they were offered in 1980 and could have made a landing on the Moon by the Shuttle in a few hours possible. Russia and India have already decided that rockets are not the way to go to Deep Space. They should have the honor of using it. There are about 1000 spin-offs. A Flying Saucer does not use rocket fuel. It "taps" energy out of the aether, like Tesla (I suspect) did for his Pierce Arrow Car in 1931. That technology is being developed. A little spin-off is a bit worth more than the invention of Gravity Control which was evaluated by the Hudson Institute at $600 Billion). Too advanced for American Spacefarers. It could have paid for the National Debt of USA, Canada and Mexico combined.

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