Logitech Launches New 5.1 Speakers

bp9801 - July 16, 2010 06:37PM in Speakers/Headphones

Logitech has launched a new set of speakers, the Surround Sound Speakers Z506. The Z506s are a 5.1 setup and can connect to virtually any source you wish, including PCs, Playstation 3s, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wiis, iPods, and DVD players. To ensure easy set up, Logitech color coded all the cables and even includes an accessory cable for sound cards and music players. You can even connect the Z506s to your existing RCA cables if you so choose. Basically, Logitech covered any and all connection types and sources for your aural enjoyment. The speakers top out at 75 watts (RMS) but should still be sufficient to shake your floorboards during an intense gaming session.

The Logitech Z506 speakers are up for pre-order on Logitech.com for $99.99. Who says 5.1 surround sound has to be expensive?